About the Artist

Andrea Trisdale

  • Lives: Austin, Texas
  • Born: Gallatin, Tennessee
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas

I'm a lover of all art forms and an appreciator of beauty. No matter what I'm creating, I always put my heart into it. Many different subjects inspire me... music, stories, love, pain, nature, colors, and other works of art... just to name a few. I'm a perfectionist and my paintings reflect that, no matter how hard I fight my innate need to be precise. I strive to one day bring a free spirited painting to life, strung together by nothing more than paint and raw emotion, with no thought or plan... coming from a place of 100% purity and authenticity. But then again, maybe that just isn't who I am or how I compose, maybe that's not what's pure or authentic for me, and maybe that's okay.

Even though my work is constantly evolving and my style varies, there is always a consistency to my pieces that reveal that they are mine, which I kind of love. Steven Spielberg said that the subconscious choice is the most important one and I agree. When I've completed a canvas, it's exciting to step back and discover the unintended behind the intentional. Not only does doing so teach me something about myself, but sometimes it provides me with answers to questions that I didn't even know I had.

Creating art and sharing that art with others, no matter the form, is such a lovely wonderful beautiful thing. Don't ya think?




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